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Live With KRen

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Live at 8 with KREN

Hosted: by  KRen

This show is dedicated to bringing you todays hits! From Mainstream to Indapendent Music. Our label "Tripple S Ent Group Production LLC" has a variety of there artist music playing aswell. Tune in every Friday at 8pm Est/5pm PST.  

KRen will touch daily life living situation topics, discuss music ent news and information from credited sources,holing interviews with known and unkonwn  artist, and so much more 

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Mind Of Moz Experience

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Mind Of Moz Experience:

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The new band is not only pushing sonic limits, but is breaking barriers within the rock genre with the powerful lead vocals from acclaimed vocalist Syd Duran. Accompanied with the skillful drumming of Raanen Bozzio and intense electric riffs and production from guitarist, producer, and founder Kelly Wheeler, Chainflower delivers a soul-baring, female-driven rock masterpiece.

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-Kevin Young-

Award Winning Tattoo Artist

Tripple S Radio host "KRen" , Has had the pleasure and oppurtunity in interviewing ;" Kevin Young" award winning tatto artist from "San Clemente ,California". 

KRen Quoted after speaking with Kevin:

"After speaking with Kevin, You can hear how dedicated and determined he is when it comes to his Craft.Not only does he have the experience but Kevin also has the Skills ,Patience and Knowlege from his years of working and learning with various shops." 

You can view his work and more information by clicking below!

Binge Awards 2021

- C.Dot -

C-dot the Maniac, usually just called Dot, real name is Cory Dwight Johnson. Born and raised in Philadelphia PA Dot always knew what his plan in life would always be. Being the greatest in the game one day. With such a unique knack to capture the attention of the listener through his choruses Dot has a lot to offer the game of music. Rapping since elementary school C Dot now 32 has now teamed up with his manager and friend Sheena Clay who plans to put him at the level of celebrity that he deserves. Dot is also the leader and founder of his group Full Effect Entertainment. With the team of talent behind him and the music they create the sky is definitely the limit

Binge Awards 2021


Music is interpretive. Every artist creates music with what they see and feel, and we all don't see and feel the same thing.


Throughout my musical career, I have performed in several cities and states but it all started for me in Taylor, Michigan where I was born and raised. I rap, sing, beatbox and play the piano, and I plan to learn more musical outlets as I continue to progress as an artist. I am a passionate person and music has always been the outlet for me to express myself. 


Through the anger and happiness, the struggles and successes, music has always been there to help me put these moments into words. The more I performed, the more I noticed along the way that people shared the same love for music, and I found a new motivation to do this for others just as much as I do it for myself and my family. So through your ups and your downs, know that you're not alone.


My Agenda: Performing, Networking and Growing. My music would not be what it is today without my supporters: family, friends and fans alike.


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