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Style So Sick

Tripple S Ent Group Production LLC founded in 2007, established in 2017 by ”KRen” (Kristopher Eldret Valle) formally known as (Kstylez). Tripple S was first known as “Style So Sick Records” from 07-08.

In early 2007 Kris had been seeking college studies for the art of music and business. March of 2007 Kris had attended an open house event at “Five Towns College” In New York, there he was looking to study Music Business as his Major and Music Production as his minor. After attending the open house KRen had networked with some of the future and already attending students ,fast forward one of the people he met had introduced KRen to the team that person was working with. That encounter with this person and his team became KRenʼs 1st business venture , however things were not what were they had seemed to be so KRen stopped working with them all except for one. Orion Aka(Varain Beats) was and till this day a great friends. We began working together doing music on and off through out the years. Eventually joining both of their companies together,In 2017 KRen decided to rebrand his company and work along side Varian but were 2 seperate entities.

Tripple S Ent Group Production and Quarter 4 Music. Tripple S Ent Group Production LLC, today an entire ind:pendent Record Label, focusing on helping indie artist from Rnb,Hip-hop,Pop to Latin genres. CEO and Founder KRen believes that every artist deserves a chance to grow. With the knowledge he had obtained over the years he is able to provide management services and artist development for all indie artist needs. He does this because of his passion for music as well as not having the proper resources and information when he was first invested as he has now. Throughout his growth of TSEGP he has had many artist some more invested than others and some that just werenʼt worth the time.

Learning the way the way the artist think of the industry and how music is made and published, KRen decided to reevaluate the artist approach and how to ensure a successful Business Journey, Providing his artist with a studio to record, film/photoʼs,Publishing to Multiple streaming platforms, FM/Net Radio resources ,Own Radio Station,Merchandising and much more.

Tripple S Ent Group Production LLC is continuously finding new ways to grow and obtain new resources for there artists. TSEGP Music is now associated with  “Eclypse of LightHouz Music Group” hiring Eclypse "Eric Fonseca" as their Executive Producer. With Tripple S Ent Group Production LLC associating his company with Q4M(VarianBeatz)/LMG(Eclypse)/KKM(Dj KingKong)/ the companies are stronger than ever with 2 Master Producers ,2 Engineers,4 Influencers and the drive to succeed they are bound for greatness. The companies share the same passion and desire to grow in the music industry with all there knowledge and connections combined the success is inevitable.


Tripple S Ent Group Production LLC Provides:

Studio Production Mix/Mastering Film/Photography Graphic Design/Logo Design/GFX Artist Development/Management Custom Merch(Tʼs , Hats,Cups ect.) Radio Station (Indie Song Submission)

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 Google us:(Tripple S Ent Group Production LLC) or

(TSEGP Records) Em:il:

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