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Rnb & Rap Artist

He recently became an artist and quoted"I’m always still working on my craft to become better in what I love to do I grew up with just my mother and my brother but things changed for good and bad over the years but I remain the same throughout everything my passion for music is big and I want to go far in it" Making his family and friends that believes him proud of all that he can accomplish. 7 months into rapping/recording. TSEGPMusic Ceo"KRen" had recieved a message from "Elvy"over at "Indie Jamz' about this local artist, from that point on it was history. KRen took the time out to interview him via our radio platform "Tripple S Radio" and spoke to him about signing with our company. Today We Present to you Alexandro Our Newest HipHop/RnB Artist.

"Jay Red Navi"

Rap Artist

Born and raised in youngs town Ohio in 96 ,Moved to Tampa when he was 14 years of age. He then moved around for a while trying to find himself he finally returned to Tampa at the age of 19. Life took a spin and he was involved in many life changing situations.Which today has made him the Artist and person that he is.


Rap Artist

I was born and raised in upstate New York, my parents split when I was 2 and I was living with my father. We grew up poor and struggling all of our life. We moved to Florida when I was around 12 and I’ve been here since. I lived with my father until my junior year in high school. My father and I would always get into it and my aunt at that point took me in as her own child. She raised me from age 16 and up. I am a very real and authentic person, and I will always Stay True!


Sincerely G-One

"Lu Tobi Jr"

Rnb/Rap Artist

One of our latest Artist, "Lu Tobi Jr" creating his brand and working to release all he has to the world.Get to know him more !


Rap Artist

"Greatness comes not, without great sacrifice." A phrase which plagues the life and sanity of the Brooklyn raised, East New York rep., Mozaliam. Formally known as Taza Tef, Mozaliam spent most of his years trying to figure out where he fits in the equation we call life. From growing up with little to no contributions from his parents, to then losing his mother in 2004, he now faces the responsibility of providing a comfortable lifestyle for his 7 younger siblings. This forces him to not only find a way to provide, but survive while doing so. "Theres never a problem which can't be solved" By utilizing his business skills, artistic talents, and street knowledge, he plans to hit the entertainment field with everything he's got. From nine to five's, to corner grinds, Mozaliam never complains about the hand he's been dealt. "Theres never a problem which can't be solved, just a problem with the logic some choose to solve them," says Moz as he slightly shrugs his shoulders and lowers the brim of his cap. "I never imagined that I'd grow to live, witness, and aid in the hardship and adversities that so many face around here on a daily basis. This is exactly why I exploit the hood and its lifestyle the way I do. To show that what seems to be so terrible and difficult when viewed from the outside-in, isn't always so bad for those subjected to it regularly. Shit, some of us are actually happy with a little fucked up turn of events." People discourage new ideas. Do you!

"King King Movement"

Nj Co. Label

Located In New Jersey, "DJ CHOCO"-Ceo. of the "King Kong Movement" has combinded forces with our label to expand their network and rebrand. So much to come stay tuned!


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