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Angel"Alexandro"born in Tampa Florida but raised in Pinellas park has never been anywhere out of Florida before .

He recently became an artist and quoted"I’m always still working on my craft to become better in what I love to do I grew up with just my mother and my brother but things changed for good and bad over the years but I remain the same throughout everything my passion for music is big and I want to go far in it" Making his family and friends that believes him proud of all that he can accomplish. 7 months into rapping/recording. TSEGPMusic Ceo"KRen" had recieved a message from "Elvy"over at "Indie Jamz' about this local artist, from that point on it was history. KRen took the time out to interview him via our radio platform "Tripple S Radio" and spoke to him about signing with our company. Today We Present to you Alexandro Our Newest HipHop/RnB Artist.

I was born and raised in upstate New York, my parents split when I was 2 and I was living with my father. We grew up poor and struggling all of our life. We moved to Florida when I was around 12 and I’ve been here since. I lived with my father until my junior year in high school. My father and I would always get into it and my aunt at that point took me in as her own child. She raised me from age 16 and up. I am a very real and authentic person, and I will always Stay True!


Sincerely G-One