G-One The Real

A lot of people call me weird, wanna be, wack, or even untalented. I’ve learned not to care what people think about me, but one thing everyone can say about me... is I always Stay True. Grew up poor and struggling most of my life until my aunt (whom I call my moms) took me in as her own, and has been teaching me the art and true definition of hustle.  I rap about all of my life experiences, how I feel, what I’ve been through, and my goals. I write my own music, produce my own music and beats, I mix and engineer, compose, and chop & screw all my songs. I’ve been signed to TSEGP MUSIC, for sometime now. We’ve had our ups and downs, but this team is family, and no matter what anyone says, we’re going to THE MF TOP.

A lot of people often ask me, “what’s G-One mean?”. And I tell them, it’s a stoner talk to you use to use when I was young, where you say the first letter of a word, than say the rest. So for an example my name would be (M-Ike). So if you take (G-One) I’m Gone in my own world, I’m my own person, I’m not like anyone else, and I’m independent! Keep your eyes open for me, cause I’ll never stop!

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That's A Fact Drops 5.21.2021


G-One The Real